Meet Our Pastor

Bishop Dr. Devay Myatt Sr.


The Pastor of Christ Temple Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, where he has served faithfully for 25 years.  He served as the State Overseer for The F.G.B.C.F State of Michigan; and was elevated to the Bishop of the State of Michigan on June 26th 2012. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Family Life Center in Pontiac, Michigan; the Director of Prayer Counseling for the FGBCF- International Intercessory Prayer Ministry and the Chaplain for the Detroit Police Department. He is the CEO of Devay Myatt Ministries; an author of several books such as: The Prayer counselor, Opposition to a Promise, and the Prayer Journal. Bishop Myatt walks in the gift of healing and deliverance.


He has received esteemed recognition from Saint Thomas Christian College, Jacksonville, Florida where he received an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Divinity.


Bishop Myatt is married to his beautiful wife, Rosemary G. Myatt and they are proud parents of two spirit-filled and gifted children, Ashley and Devay II.


Our Mission


Mission Statement:

We are planted here by God to seek and save the lost through evangelism. To develop and train a fellowship of spirit-filled, word-based, ministry minded individuals through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.



Our Ministries

26 Ministries:


Liturgical Dance Ministry

Maintenance Ministry

Missionary Ministry (Mothers Board)

Men of Faith

Music Ministry

New Members Ministry

Nurse Ministry

Operation S.M.A.R.T.

Security Ministry

Special Events Ministry

Sound Engineer

Trustee Ministry

Women of Flavor

Youth Usher Ministry

Adult Ushers Ministry

Armor Bearers Ministry

Banner Flag Ministry

Beautification Ministry

Big Brother & Big Sister Ministry

Deacon Ministry

Evangelism Ministry 

First Defenders Ministry

First Impression

G.A.N.G (God’s Anointed Next Generation)

Intercessory Prayer Ministry


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